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Forest bathing is a Japanese activity defined as a sensory immersion in nature that brings many psychological and physiological benefits.

From Wednesday 12th of June, and thereafter every Wednesday until the 30th of August, it will be possible to participate in Lignano Pineta in an outdoor initiative that pays attention to health and physical and psychological well-being, promoted by the Lignano Pineta company in collaboration with Tatiana Dereani.

Forest bathing is a Japanese activity defined as a sensory immersion in nature that brings, to adults and children, many psychological and physiological benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, increasing energy, improving the quality of sleep and of creativity, while at the same time strengthening the immune system ... in short, a real green preventive medicine.

Specifically, Forest bathing consists of walking slowly and consciously, accompanied by the guide of Tatiana Dereani, who will propose during the journey an activation of all the senses listening to oneself to rediscover the often forgotten link with nature and then propose practices to do together to prepare to receive the gifts that the pine forest, with its essences, is able to give. It is not just a simple experience, but rather an opportunity to be seized for the well-being of the person.

The activity will take place every Wednesday from 8.30 with meeting point in front of bathroom 5 - Swiss flag upon registration by contacting Tatiana (tel-WhatsApp +39 329 0778338), to then move to the Lignano pine forest. It is an experience that does not foresee a departure and an arrival, but requires concentration and presence. Forest bathing sessions have a duration of three hours, as it is good to take the time to enjoy the experience to the fullest and in peace, away from smartphones and distractions, while at the same time enjoying the holidays by doing something new and sustainable.


Time required

3 hours

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