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infoFACTORY was created by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the Department of Mathematics and Computing at Udine University with the aim of bringing the technology and expertise developed at the University onto the market .

Web + Digital & Social Marketing Intelligence

Use knowledge online.

We monitor the Web and Social Media sites to find, collect and analyse information that is on the internet.

Our Strategic Reports look at the analysis of reputation, competitive intelligence, market analysis, as well as into understanding consumer behaviour and much more. The knowledge for being more competitive and innovative in today’s day and age is online.

Web + Mobile Software

Code is art. Mobile is now.

We develop open systems and current technology: Node.js, Python, Django, Java, Phonegap, Titanium, Unity, etc.

We have developed web management systems, intranet documents, sport communities, Web Apps, native Apps, e-books, interactive books, etc.

Internet of everything

Objects meet the Internet.

Smart Object, are sensors and home automation devices a reality? Web and mobile apps are extending to also control objects. Environments are becoming intelligent and capable of reacting to events. Together with the Area Science Park we have developed BuildingBrain that allows us to integrate smart objects, sensors and different actuators.