Lignano Sabbiadoro
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PODCAST (in Italian)

Make yourself comfortable, turn up the volume, wear your earphones on: start the journey to discover a tourist resort full of beauties and activities, which will amaze you with all its offer.
A podcast series dedicated to Lignano Sabbiadoro: to those who love it and to those who want to discover it more!

How many ways can you experience a holiday?

Discovering Lignano is a podcast series created by Lignano Sabbiadoro. Episode after episode you will be accompanied on a journey to discover Lignano Sabbiadoro, a truly unique and magical place suspended between land and water, between past and future.

Here you can find relaxation and fun but also savor fascinating experiences and atmospheres that blend nature and culture, well-being and food and wine.

You will discover the history of a green and sustainable international destination, a still uncontaminated territory, which has managed to preserve the charm of its origins, enhancing it with futuristic solutions and proposals that are always in step with the times.


Episode 9 - "Vivere Lignano tutto l'anno"

Episode 8 - "Oltre il corpo anche la mente"

Episode 7 - "Suggerimenti per vivere la Lignano più vera e più magica"

Episode 6 - "A ognuno il suo sport – SPECIAL GUEST VIC DI RADIO DEEJAY"

Episode 5 - "Storie antiche e sapori da scoprire"

Episode 4 - "Mare, green e laguna... Una fusione perfetta"

Episode 3 - "Un mare davvero per tutti"

Episode 2 - "Sport acquatici, nautica e tanto divertimento"

Episode 1 - "Lignano Sabbiadoro... la Florida d'Europa, la Miami d'Italia"

The podcast is available - as well as on Spotify - on all major platforms such as Spotify, Spreaker, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts.