Lignano Sabbiadoro
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Ernest Hemingway, once an avid visitor to the town, called it “Italy's Florida”

Continuing inland, the salt water of the Mediterranean mixes with the fresh waters of the Stella and Tagliamento Rivers and the sand gives way to land, creating an intricate system of canals: this is the stunning Marano Lagoon.

The northernmost lagoon system in the entire Mediterranean includes two Regional Nature Reserves that are open to the public – the Mouth of the River Stella, that can be visited by motorboat, and the Valle Canal Novo.

Both have great natural value thanks to the exceptional birdlife that is found within them. Many resident and migratory species of birds populate this environment, which is rich in natural vegetation, like reeds, lemon trees and rushes, where these birds find the ideal environment for nesting or spending the winter during migration.

The Lagoon is home to the typical “Casoni", fishermen huts, built for shelter during fishing trips. Their structure is made up of bundles of lacustrine reeds that are appropriately assembled and have one rectangular or circular room with a hearth in the centre. Some privately owned “Casoni” have been outfitted to accommodate small groups that want to spend a day indulging in the charm of times past, eating a traditional fish dish and tasting a good glass of local wine.

Martignano island, known as “shell island”, stands in front of Punta Faro and is just a few hundred kilometres away from it. Animal life and plant life flourish here and it conserves an adventurous atmosphere and is the perfect place for lovers of untouched nature. Its coastline that goes towards the open sea is made up of sand that is even more golden than that of Lignano. The island is the ideal destination for bathing in clean water, sunbathing and strolling amongst the plant life and gathering the shells that the sea washes to shore. The breeze that blows on the island is perfect for people who practice Kitesurfing. In fact, the lovers of this sport have made this island their training base.

And let’s not forget the Pine forest, the green lung of Lignano, where nature is the star and fills you with energy during every day of your holiday. Here you can breath in nature, you can feel it and you see it in everything that surrounds you – in the bicycle routes that go throughout the whole city, in all the outdoor sports that you could practice and in the pleasant shade that the tree tops provide.