Lignano Sabbiadoro
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Close encounters with the Giraffes

Reach the height of the giraffes and look at them directly in the eye.

Also for 2023, the Punta Verde Zoo in Lignano proposes close encounters with giraffes starting from 12 June to 14 September on the following days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 3.00 pm and Tuesday at 11.30 am. Days and times may be subject to change based on weather conditions. The minimum age to take part to the experience is 8 years and the maximum number of participants is 3 people.

With less than 90,000 giraffes left in the wild, it's time to take action to secure a future for this species. The Punta Verde Zoo Park, together with the Punta Verde on-site NGO contributes to the protection of giraffes by donating part of the entrance ticket price to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. This foundation, based in Namibia, is active in the conservation of giraffes,. The donation allows the purchase of equipment for field research such as satellite radio-collars and camera traps and the carrying out of educational projects to raise awareness of young Namibians in their respect for nature and the importance of the species’ conservation.

The close encounter with the zoo's giraffes takes place on a roof terrace that can be reached via a staircase. The activity begins at its base where a food enrichment will be prepared together with one of the park's educators. The visit continues on the roof terrace where the educator will place the enrichment and you will be able to get excited by observing the tallest mammals in the world from a privileged point of view.

Close encounters with giraffes have an additional cost of € 10.00 per person which is entirely donated to research and conservation projects in collaboration with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation based in Namibia.

Reservations are recommended at the following link



€ 10,00 per person

The facilities that offer this experience

Punta Verde Zoo Park


Open from 28th March to 1st November


Via G. Scerbanenco, 19/1 - I-33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy
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The facilities that offer this experience