Discover the least known areas in Lignano on bike, led by a local guide!

Out of the various cycle tours we suggest, the first leads you on a discovery of the town of Lignano Sabbiadoro via its hidden places.

Leaving from Terrazza a Mare, you can cycle the path that leads you to the level of the Lighthouse, offering your first breathtaking glimpse of the islands.

You continue on to the narrow streets of the pier area, up to Porto Vecchio Bridge, which leads to the cycle path that skirts Marano Lagoon.

4 km of easy dirt road with an elevated view over the Lagoon and the less well-known residential quarters, and, after passing alongside the Via Mezzasacca Riding Stables, you will arrive to the end of the dirt road.

The route continues on Via Alzaia, skirting the Lugugnana Canal, through some farmland, and then passes behind Acquasplash water park.

Having arrived at the threshold of the River Tagliamento, the journey continues along the bike path (which is lit in the evening too) that runs alongside the golf courses.

The bike path ends at the beginning of a street that has been closed for many years to traffic, which allows you to cycle along the Tagliamento up to its mouth, offering a stunning view of the Venetian shore of the river too.

On the return from this route we go via the waterfront, which this year will feature the star attraction of the new open stretch that is level with the Ge.tur., with a completely fresh natural landscape.

​From June till middle September, every Wednesday from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

Limited places available.


Booking is mandatory, it can be made til 5 pm of the day before the tour as follows:

  • Calling +39 3488734734
  • Going to Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni infopoint in front of Terrazza a Mare


Time required

3 ore



Strutture che offrono l'esperienza

Excursions and Rental Info Point


Rent available from May during the weekend and from June to September everyday, excursions on pre-established days


+39 3488734734



Lungomare Trieste 5, 33054 - Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), Italy
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