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Lignano Summer Live Festival: free live shows to liven up your summer evenings

14 May 2024 / By Alessandra

Also this summer Lignano is transformed into a paradise for lovers of music and entertainment with events that will liven up the town during the hot summer months. The Lignano Summer Live Festival, the series of free concerts and shows organized by Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni Spa in collaboration with the Municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro, confirms itself as one of the most awaited events by tourists and residents in Lignano.

Between July and August there are eight events scheduled at the Beach Arena in Sabbiadoro (c/o beach office 5) and in Piazza Marcello d'Olivo in Pineta during which emerging artists, icons of the Italian music and comedians will perform ready to entertain you and to make your summer evenings even more magical.

Continue reading and discover this year's guests

Piazza M. D'Olivo – Lignano Pineta

Gabriele Cirilli, comedian, actor and writer of Abruzzo origins, began his career by attending the acting school founded by Gigi Proietti in Rome and, when he obtained his diploma, began working in theatre and television. His real debut came in 1996 when he took part in Seven Show, a humorous programme, as the maestro Mino di Vita. He was then called to Zelig, where he achieved great popularity with his character of Kruska, a Roman young lady friend of Tatiana, from which the catchphrase "Who is Tatiana?!?" was born. After some minor roles, Gabriele Cirilli also made his film debut and appeared in various television miniseries. In 2012 Cirilli took part in the first edition of the Rai 1 talent show Tale e quale show, and it has such a success that he was reconfirmed as a competitor for several editions.

Piazza M. D'Olivo – Lignano Pineta

Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc, registered as Francesco Di Gesù, born in Turin but of Sicilian and Ligurian origins, is one of the most talented rappers, authors and composers of the first Italian hip-hop scene. He has 6 albums to his credit, the latest of which is “Essere Umani” produced by his label Materie Prime Circolari. Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc is the author of some of the most important raps in Italian musical history, including "Fight da faida", voted "Best Rap Song in the History of Italian Music" by the monthly Rolling Stone, and "Quelli che benpensano" (1997), with which he won the "Song of the Year" award from Musica! of the newspaper Repubblica.

Beach Arena (Beach Office 5) – Lignano Sabbiadoro

Ron, alias Rosalino Cellamare, is a very famous Italian singer-songwriter and actor. During his extraordinary career he duetted and collaborated with great artists of Italian music: from Lucio Dalla, a friend and historical collaborator, up to singers of the level of Anna Oxa, Samuele Bersani, Claudio Baglioni and many others. Born in 1953, Ron was born on 13 August in Dorno, in a small town in the province of Pavia, and from an early age he became passionate about the world of music thanks to the influence of his brother Italo, a pianist. In 1982 he won the Festivalbar with Anima and in 1996 he won Sanremo with Vorrei incontrarti tra 100 anni paired with Tosca. In his career he has released more than 30 records, including 26 studio albums, 3 live albums and numerous collections.

Piazza M. D'Olivo – Lignano Pineta

SANTI FRANCESI are a hard-pop duo from Ivrea composed of Alessandro De Santis (vocals, guitar, ukulele) and Mario Francese (producer, keyboards, synthesizer and bass). In 2019 they released Tutti Manifesti, a completely self-produced album that has exceeded 2.5 million streams on Spotify. In 2020 they took part in the line up of Spaghetti Unplugged and in the same year they collaborated with DADE on the song Giovani Favolosi, a single with which they won the edition of Musicultura in 2021. In 2022 they participated in the sixteenth edition of X Factor Italia of which were proclaimed winners. In February 2024, they participated in the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival, bringing the song L’amore in bocca to the competition, with which they ranked eighteenth, and conquering the audience with the standing ovation performance with Skin on the notes of "Hallelujah”.

Beach Arena (Beach Office 5) – Lignano Sabbiadoro

Alexia (stage name of Alessia Aquilani) is one of the most famous Italian singers abroad. From her debut to today she has sold over 5 million records all over the world, winning 8 Gold and 2 Platinum records. Her first single was from 1995, “Me and You” – number 1 in Italy and Spain. A year later “Summer is crazy”, “Number One” and “Uh la la la” were released, first in all of Europe. Her first album is from 1997, "Fun club" which was followed, a year later, by "The Party": two platinum albums with over 500 thousand copies sold. In 2002 there was a turning point in her career, she began singing in Italian and found renewed success. In the same year Alexia appeared for the first time at the Sanremo Festival with the song "Dimmi come", which became the most "played" on Italian radio, and in 2003 she won the same Festival with "Per dire di no".

Beach Arena (Beach Office 5) – Lignano Sabbiadoro

Donatella Rettore, also known only as Rettore (Castelfranco Veneto, 8 July 1955), is an Italian singer, lyricist and actress. In activity since the early seventies, known for her irreverent and ironic style, it forcefully rose to prominence during the summer of 1979, when Splendido Splendente was launched, which consecrated her in the Olympus of Italian music. The following year another great hit of her was released, "Kobra", contained in the album "Magnifico delirio". In 1981 he published "Donatella", a cult song for the discos with which she won the Festivalbar. Rettore then obtained a gold record with the album "Estasi clamorosa", which also included "Remember", written for her by Elton John. From then on, Rettore continued her career with ups and downs, establishing herself as one of the most avant-garde artists of Italian music. In 2022, 28 years after her last participation in Sanremo as a competitor, she returns to the Ariston stage with the song "Chimica", sung together with Ditonellapiaga.

Beach Arena (Beach Office 5) – Lignano Sabbiadoro

Tony Esposito, born Antonio Esposito, is an Italian musician, singer-songwriter and percussionist whose music is inspired by sounds from many countries around the world, mixed with tribal rhythms and melodies typical of Neapolitan music. The originality of his approach can be found in the invention of unique instruments such as the Tamborder, the onomatopoeic sound of one of his most famous songs "Kalimba de Luna". Before starting his own recording business, Tony Esposito contributed, during the seventies, to the "rhythmic sound" of various Italian and international artists such as Pino Daniele, Lucio Dalla, Don Cherry, Billy Cobham and many others. After the release of his third album, Gente distratta, in 1977, he was awarded the Italian Music Critics Award. At the end of 1985 he received the "Record Critics Award" with "Kalimba de Luna" for over 5 million copies sold worldwide. After a long break dedicated to many live concerts, in 2003 he published the CD Viaggio Tribale, a work born after a long wandering around the countries of the Mediterranean Sea.

Beach Arena (Beach Office 5) – Lignano Sabbiadoro

Born in 1981, Raphael Gualazzi is a singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, musician and producer. After his classical studies at the Conservatory he has always experimented with different musical genres, giving life to a very personal style, including stride piano, jazz, blues and fusion. Gualazzi has participated in the most renowned festivals in Europe and has sold out in Italy and abroad, always with groups of international musicians. In 2011 he triumphed at the Sanremo Festival in the Youth category with the song “Follia d'amore” and he returned to the Ariston stage twice more, always with great success among the public and critics: in 2013 with “Sai (ci basta un sogno)” and in 2014 together with The Bloody Beetroots, with an unreleased project that fused jazz, electronics, blues and gospel. Gualazzi has published four albums and three EPs in Italy and all over the world, but he also composed music for TV and cinema. “Dreams” is the title of the latest album released in October 2023.

These are the eight events of the Lignano Summer Live Festival 2024, an unmissable edition of the famous series of free events that will make you dance, sing, laugh and be moved.

We are waiting for you to experience an unforgettable summer together.