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"Lignano differs"

16 May 2023 / By Alessandra

Lignano Sabbiadoro cares about the environment and it proves it every year!
The "Lignano differs" awareness campaign was launched this year, aimed at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of separate waste collection in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The "Lignano differs" project was born from the common desire of local operators and the administration to improve the quality of separate waste collection and eliminate episodes of abandonment of waste outside the bins, which undermines the decorum and reputation of the locality itself.

For this purpose, a working table was set up with the local administration, Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni spa, Confcommercio and other category representatives in collaboration with MTF srl, a company that deals with waste collection in Lignano Sabbiadoro. And after few weeks from the start of the project, also a representation from the University of Udine joined.

From the first interlocutions, emerged the great problem of the low quality of the delivery, as few know or carry out it correctly, with negative consequences not only for the environment but also for the local economy.
It was therefore decided to intervene immediately with actions that would contribute to informe and build a better civic awareness between the operators and the inhabitants.

During the first year from the project launch, it was decided to involve local middle school kids, who were asked to create the logo and claim for the operation. Subsequently, an explanatory billboard was produced to be posted in all places associated with the production of waste where it is, therefore, more important that good differentiation is made and a documentation with the guidelines for a correct conferment of waste was drawn up, and then shared with all guests in the non-hotel sector. Finally, a demonstration day was organized with ARPA to teach residents and operators how to carry out separate waste collection correctly.

In order to carry on the project and develop it, this year it was also decided to create explanatory videos on how to correctly separate waste collection made thanks to the collaboration of some actors chosen among operators and residents of Lignano Sabbiadoro and middle school students. 

See all the videos: 


Finally, a campaign called "Zero Waste" will be promoted and operators will be invited to reduce the production of waste in their companies according to a specification that will allow those who virtuously know how to achieve a high score to receive a certification with the "Lignano differs" logo.