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The cycling news in Lignano!

15 July 2020 / By Caterina

It's time to jump on your bike and start riding again to discover Lignano.

Every year Lignano increases the services for cyclists who are choosing this city for their dynamic holidays.

After months of stop it's time to ride together by the see or the lagoon. And why not… it’s time to stop and watch the sunset in your favorite spot!

Here are the news that you cannot miss if you are a bike lover:


From Saturday 27th June until 13th September the X-River service will be active again, the boat which links the two shores of Tagliamento River. The boat is a TPL Fvg service and it can transport up to 25 passengers with bicycles and ... obviously everything while maintaining the necessary safety distances between users! Lignano is increasing every year its cycling routes and this service too, which has been appreciated in past years and it is getting better and better. For this reason this year it will be active throughout the day respecting the continuous schedule from 9.00 to 19.00 to increase as much as possible the routes from Lignano’s bank to Bibione’s bank. The two regions of Friuli Venezia-Giulia have never been so united .... by bike !!


As usual, Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni organizes free bicycle tours with guide, one for each day of the week. Here is the updated program and you should come and try the new one on Tuesday!

Monday – Pedalata dei due fari (Bibione)

Tuesday – Risalita dello Stella

Wednesday – Tour delle tre acque (Lignano)

Thursday - Marano bike & boat

Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning excursion by Fat Sand Bike on the beach!


A new cycle path linking Lignano to the city of Latisana (a city which is about 20km far from Lignano Sabbiadoro) is almost ready. The cycle path follows the course of the Tagliamento River and, although some sections will hopefully be completed by the month of July, the path is accessible and surrounded by nature.


The redevelopment works of all the green areas of Lignano Riviera are completed.

A series of paths immersed in the green of nature, designed by the architect Luigi Piccinato with the subdivision of Lignano riviera, which like blades join the building to the sea. An important restoration work to enhance one of the most suggestive areas of Lignano.

You just have to go through them all!

What are you waiting for? Park your car in the garage because this summer Lignano is even more bike friendly!