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The ‘Two Lighthouses’ Itinerary: by bicycle along the seafront from Lignano to Bibione

4 September 2020 / By Valentina

It’s wonderful to be able to follow the coastline for its entire length. For a good while now, it has been possible to at least travel the Punta Faro - Lignano Sabbiadoro - Porto Baseleghe - Bibione stretch. In fact, since May 2018, the X River crossing has been active, the ferry connection for cyclists and pedestrians at the mouth of the Tagliamento River.

With this service it is possible to travel the entire 16 kilometres of the coastline between Lignano Sabbiadoro and Bibione on two wheels, without ever losing sight of the sea.

This seafront itinerary, from Lignano to Bibione, is very simple with a round trip of about 35 km, and great for those who love cycling trips. It is laid out almost entirely on cycle paths (except for a small stretch of gravel track near the Bibione lighthouse).

Along the sea by bicycle in discovery of the lighthouses:

ROUTE: Slow/Family
LENGTH: 35km 
DURATION: about 3h
SURFACING TYPE: Cycle tracks, asphalt, gravel track in the stretch along the lagoon

8 km by bicycle along the Lignano Sabbiadoro seafront

  • We start our bicycle excursion from one of the symbols of Lignano Sabbiadoro, the Faro Rosso (Red Lighthouse) where a long wooden walkway enters the sea and leads to the recently renovated lighthouse, which has always been the most romantic location in the resort.

    From Punta Faro we make our way along the Lungomare cycle path that takes us alongside some of the iconic spots of historic Lignano Sabbiadoro including the Hotel Marin - the oldest hotel in the town – and the Art Nouveau villas, amongst which the former town hall of Lignano stands out.

    We also pass the Terrazza a Mare and on through the tunnel of maritime pines of the recently renovated Lungomare Trieste. On our left are the Sabbiadoro beach establishments, beach kiosks and bars until, following the course of the road, we eventaully embark upon the cycle path that crosses the Bella Italia Village, a broad pedestrian and cycle route completely immersed in the pine forest.

  • Emerging from all this shade, our bicycle itinerary continues along the Lignano Pineta beach. This small settlement, with its villas set amidst the greenery, merits separate study by architectural enthusiasts. Both the unusual snail-shell-shaped layout of the town and many of the buildings in Lignano Pineta, were designed by important architects of the 1950s, including names such as Marcello d’Olivo, Gianni Avon and Aldo Bernardis.

    We continue pedaling along the seafront, first passing the Pagoda - a construction located in the middle of the sea which can be reached by taking a very long wooden walkway - and then the piazza dedicated to Marcello d’Olivo. This is the heart of Lignano Pineta where one can go shopping or buy an ice cream or a dinner along the “trenino” (“promenade”) where the bars and commercial activities are located.

  • Continuing along the promenade, after passing the Kursaal and the thermal baths, we find ourselves crossing the Lignano Riviera, the most peaceful of the three places that go to make up Lignano. Here the beach is lined by a green pine forest in which it is pleasant to shelter in the shade during the hottest hours of the day.

    At the end of the Riviera promenade we continue, following the signs for the Tagliamento River and X River crossing. Here there is a once-an-hour transport service for cyclists and pedestrians by boat.

    We now get on our ferry and enjoy the crossing of about 10-15 minutes at the mouth of the river, observing the vegetation and the wild shores where the tourists who want to avoid mass tourism often go.

8 km by bicycle along the Bibione seafront

  • Once on the Veneto side of the Tagliamento river we get on our bicycles again and proceed along the Faro cycle path between the beach and the pine forest, enjoying the tranquility of these places, rich in flora and fauna. We can break the cycle trip with a stop at the recently refurbished Bibione lighthouse, which is home to events and exhibitions at various times of the year.

  • Back in the saddle, we leave the peace of Lido dei Pini behind us and, following the Via Procione, we take the promenade cycle path along which we can travel continuously for 8 km, observing the broad beach of Bibione which stretches as far as the eye can see.

    It is incredible how, in no time at all, once we pass the resorts of Lido del Sole and Pineta, we reach Porto Baseleghe!

    Here, before our eyes lies, the lagoon that Bibione shares with Caorle, a little further on, is another wild beach, that of Brussa, while among the lagoon islets we can see the casoni, the ancient fishermen’s houses in the lagoon and made of rushes.

  • Resting for a while, perhaps stopping to eat an ice-cream, enjoying the sun and the atmosphere of the beautiful summer days by the sea, once refreshed, we are ready to travel back along the road used on the outward journey or examine alternative routes through the centre of Bibione and Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Do you like this itinerary? If you want to travel in company you can participate in the free accompanied excursion that takes place every week from June till September with departure from the Terrazza a Mare.  

Do you prefer to cycle independently? Write to to receive the complete GPX track of the route.