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Sunset Bike Tour: at sunset by bike in Lignano – The photogallery

30 August 2018 / By Valentina
Over 130 people by bike at sunset in Lignano for the second 2018 edition of the Sunset Bike Tour, an excursion to enjoy the beauty of Lignano when the sun goes down.

The first edition of the Sunset Bike Tour organized in July by Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni was a big success with over 100 participants. After that many people asked for a second edition that we organized on 27th August 2018.

Over 130 adults and children met at 7:00 pm on the square in front of Terrazza a Mare, some take part using their own bike, other used the free bikes available all summer long at the bike rental by our Infopoint.

10 km, about 1 hour of cycling easily accessible to all.

Accompanied by the staff of Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni the group went through Lungomare Trieste, cycled under the shade in the GeTur cycling route until we reached Lignano Pineta.

We quickly passed by villas dip in the pinewood and reached the lagoon!

While the sun started to set down and the shadows of the cyclists became long and thin, the group run along the Marano lagoon and reached the big area situated behind Arena Alpe Adria.

In partnership with the organizers, Modeano Winery from Palazzolo dello Stella welcomed the group of Sunset Bike Tour with a fresh glass of wine, wine that we had the opportunity to taste all summer long during our bike and boat tours along Stella River.

After a toast in front of the sunset and the photos to freeze the beautiful moments we took the bikes again to come back to the departure point.

Our bike excursions will be available till mid September while the Sunset Bike Tour will be available again in Summer 2019!

Did you take part to the 2nd Bike Tour of Summer 2018? Search for yourself in the photos below!