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Motorboat Excursions Val Canal Novo Nature Reserve

Most of the territory of the Val Canal Novo Nature Reserve consists of a lagoon ("valle" in Italian) which was formerly exploited for fishing activities – after which the Nature Reserve has been named – and some sowable lands, wet environments with various saltiness levels. Considering its proximity to the town of Marano Lagunare, the Nature Reserve houses the visitor center and other facilities dedicated to visitors. The area is suitable for environmental education and didactic activities focusing on the lagoon system.

In addition to the huts and equipment to observe the bird life and better understand the lagoon environment inside the reserve, a lagoon aquarium has also recently been completed. This aquarium is a simple way to “dive into” the lagoon and discover the various creatures that live in this extraordinary environment, amid both fresh and salt water.

Entrance fee: 

  • Adults €3.50
  •  Reduced ticket €2.50 (all students, disabled and retired)

For children under 6 years of age and teachers assisting school groups, free entrance. For school groups and organized groups, we recommend to carry out the visit together with an expert naturalist and/or naturalistic tour guide.

To Reach Marano Lagunare and the Canal Novo Valley Natural Reserve from Lignano it's possible to take the car or the ferry.

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The Visitor Center is open all year round - from Tuesday to Sunday, 09:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m


+39 0431 67551



Via delle Valli, 2 - 33050 Marano Lagunare (UD)