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Aprilia Marittima was the first harbour in the Aprilia Marittima district. It is made up of sixteen jetties with 680 berths that range between 7m and 20m, each of which comes with a parking space. The harbour features a pool with a hot tub, laundry area, TV socket for every berth, etc.
Next to the harbour, you find the Terra Mare Canal, the two of which are connected.  There are 200 houses along the canal, each of which have a garden and a berth, the size of which ranges between 12 and 15m.
The Aprilia Marittima harbour can be reached by entering into the mouth of Lignano port, following along Coron Canal, which is marked by posts, to then arrive at Aprilia Marittima. You will also find a shipyard in the harbour that can carry out any kind of intervention you may require.

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Via del Coregolo, 3 - 33050 Aprilia Marittima (UD), Italy