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Churches Santi Ermacora and Fortunato Church

The church is named after the martyred Saints Hermagoras and Fortunatus, eponyms of the Aquileia Patriarchate and patrons of Udine, and was greatly requested by tourists. In fact, it is a summer church and was inaugurated a few years ago with the celebration of the Holy Easter Mass in 2003.

It features a polygonal layout. Five sides are made up of sliding glass doors, which can be opened when required to allow churchgoers to attend the celebration from the green space in front too.

Inside it is simple and basic and the wooden roof is particularly striking, which looks like a large tent and extends to form the porch beyond the glass doors.

The only altar is flooded with light, which falls from a glass pyramid, topped by the cross, found at the peak of the roof. The Presbytery holds three statues (Christ the Redeemer, the Immaculate Virgin and St. Anthony of Padua) and a painting that depicts Saint Hermagoras and Saint Fortunatus.

In the Sacristy, which is also polygonal in layout, you will find the parchment that certifies the laying of the first brick, which was blessed in 19 September 2001 in the presence of Archbishop Agostino Marchetto and Archbishop Aniceto Molinaro.

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