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In the heart of the Friuli Riviera is situated the ancient village of Modeano. In the Roman age was settled there a farm where is now situated the Modeano Winery

At the beginning of XX century Norberto Marzotto, agronomist and wine expert, put the roots of the wineyard and winery creating an ideal company.

Gabriele Vialetto and his wife Emanuela head the company with passion with the aim of creating something solid for their children. The modern and air-conditioned winery is situated in the old house that surrounds the master's dwelling and the little church of Madonna del Rosario.

The type of territory, the rich and deep soil, the climate milded by the nearby sea malke Modeano the ideal place to produce wine rich in taste, aroma and color.

The winery is open for visits, tastings and purchase of wine bottles.



Monday to Friday 9.00/12.00 – 15.00/18.00 | Saturday 9.00/12.00




Via Casali Modeano, 1 Palazzolo dello Stella