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Land Sports A.S.D. Lupignanum Track&Field

The sport association Lupignanum Track&Field was born from the founders' passion for track and field athletics, gained over the years first as athletes and later as technicians. The company aims to promote athletics among young people, in suitable facilities and with qualified instructors who must first of all be educators.

We offer introductory courses in athletics for children from 5 years of age through game athletics and motor tracks, for the coordination and consolidation of basic motor patterns.

From the age of 10, the experimentation of the various disciplines begins, for the knowledge and respect of the rules and the development of a valid motor base for the practice of all other sports.

From the age of 14, the natural predisposition for specific disciplines is evaluated, corrective exercises for the most frequent technical errors in order to participate in competitions with greater safety and awareness.

For running enthusiasts, our federal technicians are available for individual and group lessons aimed at preventing injuries and improving their running technique.

Through specific exercises for strengthening the ankle joint and technical gaits carried out on the athletic track, you will perfect your support on the ground making the run more fluid and effective.

For those who simply want to get back into shape, we offer general athletic preparation lessons and personalized training programs.


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Viale Europa, 142 - 33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro UD


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