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You will have the possibility to spend a day on board of the Alice II with some fishermen who will introduce you in the lagoon environment, the coast environment and the marine one. You will observe close and directly the traditional fishing methods, lose yourself in the sea environment and taste freshly fished fish, cooked according to the traditional recepies, on board. Finally an antipasto-tasting with some excellent Prosecco will follow.

Aperitivo on board in the lagoon during the sunset, from 6.00 to 8.00 pm. During the cruise antipasto-tasting and the opportunity to cook freshly fished fish.

Boat trip in the lagoon
We will sail across Marano lagoon to reach Stella river, a real paradise for bird watching, discover marsh harriers, mute swans, red, white and grey herons. Proceeding with the tour we will find a fishermen village of "casoni", made from canes and wood, used in the past to place fishing and haunting equipment as well as to take refuge from bad weather.

Boat trip in the open sea
We will cruise along the coast where we will find "Isola delle conchiglie" island, "Sant'Andrea" island, and we will reach Porto Buso. A bit of relax for a little while yet, just the time for a bath and some more information about the marine environment, local history and traditions and life experiences in the sea.

While in the sea you will be able to attend the setting sail of the "Nasse" for the squids fishing or the lowering of the "da tramaglio" nets, in the lagoon you will see the Mullets fishing and join the fisherman job in all of its aspects.




Robi: +39 333_173.5054


Joy: +39_338_215.8636



via Giuseppe Parini, 12 33050 Marano Lagunare (UD)

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