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hiring for the following position: No. 2 (two) EXPERIENCED RESTAURANT STAFF FOR THE POSITION OF "SERVER"- LEVEL FIVE NATIONAL COLLECTIVE EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT in TOURISM, FULL-TIME AND TEMPORARY FOR THE PERIOD BETWEEN MAY 20, 2015 AND AUGUST 31, 2015, with a gross monthly salary of €1,893.61 included in each employment contract.

RECORD NO.  00262/2015/PERS



hiring for the following position:


with a gross monthly salary of €1,893.61 included in each employment contract.

The professionals to be considered for the position - who will  work within the Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni SpA bar/restaurant in the concession area along the "Sabbiadoro" beach - will be required to carry out specified tasks, examples of which are provided below. This is not an exhaustive list of the required duties:

  • carrying out, based on the information received from supervisors regarding the particular characteristics of the period during which they will work, their duties as part of the service of food and drinks in full collaboration with colleagues, from the dining room to the kitchen, while respecting the standards of personal and environmental quality, health and safety;
  • work with IT systems and manage orders;
  • generally implement the work sequence (prepare the dining and work areas for service, ensuring the efficiency and cleanliness of  tools and equipment - position tables and reorganize the dining area - receive customers and their orders from table and counter service, prepare the bill and receive payments - participate in the preparation of the menu and drinks list), while being efficient , productive and effective when responding to the expectations of the customers served, in respect of service standards and the standards of hygiene and safety;
  • sell food and beverages, be friendly and communicative with the customers (also in foreign languages), advise the customers on food and drink choices and serve as needed.

The requirements for being selected and the selection process shall be laid down in the External Employee Hiring Regulations approved by resolution of the Board of Directors on 20/04/2010 and subsequently amended, available at or in hard copy at our headquarters.

The employment relationship resulting from this contract shall be governed by the regulations in force concerning labour and social security, as well as National and Regional Collective Employment Contracts for the Tourism sector, except when otherwise governed by specific, applicable regulations.

The Company guarantees men and women equal opportunities and access to work and treatment while at work, in accordance with Art. 57 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 165/2001.

A trial period will be implemented as provided for by the applicable National and Regional Collective Employment Contracts.


Applicants must meet the requirements listed below by the submission deadline for applications for admission as well as the conclusion of the employment contract, and in particular:

a) Italian citizenship or citizenship of an European Union Member State; as well as long-term residents in possession of a  EC residence permit in accordance with Art. 38, Section 1 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 165/2001 as amended by Art. 7 of the Law dated 06/08/2013, No. 97;

b) not less than eighteen years old and not more than the maximum age allowed by the laws established by the laws in force for compulsory retirement;

c) in possession of civil and political rights;

d) adequate knowledge of the Italian language and knowledge of the main expressions used in a foreign language (English and/or German) for the tasks that you will perform;

e) be physically able to do the job, which will be ascertained by medical examination during the recruitment process, in compliance with the regulations for protected classes;

f) lower secondary school qualification;

g) at least twelve months work experience - although not continuous - in the profession for which they are applying and the related professional knowledge and basic skills, with specific technical and professional experience;

h) have performed any compulsory military service or obligations (for those to whom this applies);

i) no criminal convictions or pending criminal proceedings.

Candidates will be eligible for the selection process subject to proving that they meet the stated requirements; Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni SpA reserves the right to request, at any time during the selection process, the necessary documentation for determining  that the conditions have been met or to provide direct proof thereof.

If even one of these requirements is not met, it will result in, at any time, exclusion from the selection process.

With regard to the requirements of section (i), it is stated that applicants must meet the requirements of immunity from criminal convictions involving, according to the current legislation, temporary or permanent exclusion from holding public office.

However, candidates who have criminal convictions for premeditated crimes punishable by imprisonment are not eligible for employment. Any other criminal convictions will be

evaluated by the Company, also with reference to the duties to be assumed and the safety thereof.


Applications for the selection process are to be written on plain paper according to the attached format, signed by the candidate on pain of nullity, and should be addressed, under penalty of exclusion from the selection process, to LIGNANO SABBIADORO GESTIONI SpA, via Latisana 42-33054 Lignano

Sabbiadoro (UD), Italy and accompanied by a professional or academic CV that is to be prepared on plain paper and preferably using the European format.

The application must be accompanied by a photocopy of a suitable, valid identity document.

The application - properly sealed in an envelope and countersigned on the closing flaps as well as externally marked with "Bando assunzione n. 04/2015" and the name of the sender. It must be presented to the company's HR department, (Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, excluding holidays) by the 15th (fifteenth) day following the publication date of this announcement at the following address:  under the section entitles "Work with us" and no later than 4.00pm on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

Upon submission, confirmation of receipt will immediately be issued.

Applications that are received by the Company for any reason beyond the deadline set forth above will not be taken into account.

The Company does not assume responsibility for the loss of applications or communications due to erroneous indication of addresses by candidates or failure or late notification, or those attributable to third parties, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.

Authentication of the signature is not required at the bottom of the application.

Failure to sign or date the application, failure to include a signed and dated professional or academic CV, failure to include a copy of a valid identity document or failure to submit the application before the deadline will exclude the candidate from the selection process, which will be communicated to the interested parties by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

By submitting the application form, the candidate, expressly and without reservation, accepts the requirements stated in this announcement.

Candidates must, in addition to their name and surname, expressly indicate the following:

a) place and date of birth;

b) place of residence;

d) adequate knowledge of the Italian language and knowledge of the main expressions used in a foreign language (English and/or German);

d) physical eligibility;

e) possession of a diploma and the specific admission requirements required by this announcement with particular reference to the requirement outlined in Section (g), Paragraph 1. “Mandatory Requirements for Participation”;

f) no criminal convictions or pending criminal proceedings;

g) the domicile or address where, for all purposes, all communications will be sent;

h) consent to use personal data for purposes strictly related to the completion of the recruitment process (Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003).

In their professional CV - as part of the application - candidates must specify the following: work experience of any kind, the duration in months and years, the legal nature of the work relationship, the name and legal status of the employer, the duties performed and any other element that would be useful in relation to the job position under consideration.

The professional CV accompanying the application must be signed and dated by the candidate, under penalty of exclusion from the selection process.

The company Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni SpA has the right to extend or to reopen the deadline for application submissions as well as to justifiably revoke the public selection announcement.


The professionals selected by this notice will be hired in accordance with the Terms of Article 2 - entitled “General Rules for the Procedure Concerning Recruiting and Selecting Staff” - within the current “Regulations for the Procedures Concerning Staff Recruitment, Selection and Placement” and subsequent amendments, adopted by Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni SpA.

In particular, pursuant to Sections 1 and 2 of the aforementioned Article 2, a comparative approach will be used for the assessment carried out during the selection process, taking into account the specific requirements, the professional experience presented in the CV, and thereafter through an individual interview aimed at understanding the motivations and abilities of the candidate as well as to check their relational abilities (for example, the ability to have a conversation in a foreign language,, know how to adopt communication styles when appropriate for the position, be able to understand customers' needs, be able to relate within the business environment with a predisposition for teamwork) and ensure that they possess the attitudinal requirements and the required knowledge and skills (e.g. organizational skills, knowledge of HACCP regulations for occupational safety and food hygiene, knowledge of the food and beverage products as well as the quality specifications for the products) are consistent with the required duties of the position to be filled.

In accordance with Section 4 of Article 2 of the Regulations mentioned above, this assessment will be entrusted to a special Committee made up of skilled professionals within the corporate operating structure.

The Committee in charge will base their assessment on the following 20.00 point scoring system:

  • poor evaluation: up to 5.00 points
  • sufficient evaluation: up to 10.00 points
  • good evaluation: up to 15.00 points
  • excellent evaluation: up to 20.00 points

Statements contained in the CVs that are not supported by evidence showing the tasks performed by the candidate and/or the legal nature of the employment and/or the name and legal status of the employer will not be considered..

Candidates will be notified of their advancement onto the interview process or exclusion from the selection process through the Company website.

The selection Committee, based on the assessment of each candidate and their evaluation score, will rank the eligible candidates according to merit. If candidates are awarded the same score, the younger candidate will be given preference (Law No. 191/1998 and subsequent amendments).

To be eligible for the verbal test, candidates must present a valid ID.

If a candidate fails to participate in the verbal test on the appointed day, they will be considered withdrawn from the selection process


The recruitment and employment process will strictly adhere to a merit-based system that will rank the candidates.

The successful candidates will be invited by the company to sign the employment contract, provided in written form and to submit, within 5 working days from the date of communication, subject to revocation, the documents corresponding to the statements contained in the application.

Candidates may use the company's self-certification, in accordance with current legislation on the subject.

The successful candidates will be recruited for the trial period as provided for by the applicable National and Regional Collective Contracts.

The successful candidate who does not begin working, without proper justification, within the established time frame, will forfeit their position. If the successful candidate has just cause for starting work after the predetermined start date, the legal and economic terms of the position will commence the day they begin work.


Under Article. 13 of the "Data Protection Code" candidates shall be informed that the processing of the personal data supplied by them in the participation in the recruitment process is aimed solely for the performance of the recruitment process and the eventual establishment and management of the contract with the use of computerized procedures, in the manner and limits necessary for the above purposes and in compliance with the provisions of Art. 11 of the aforementioned Code.

Any transfer of such data to a third party is considered necessary to validate the requirements for participation and their stated qualifications and degrees. The data will be processed discretely and in accordance with the principles of fairness, legality and transparency, in its application, in accordance with the provisions set out in the aforementioned Code in order to ensure the protection of privacy for those concerned, but without prejudice to the necessary advertising of the recruitment process, in accordance with local regulations Participants are entitled to the rights established under Art. 7 of the Code. The company carrying out the recruitment process is Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni S.p.A.


Access to documentation relevant to the work of the Examining Committee may be awarded at the end of the selection process in the forms provided for by law (Law No. 241/1990 and subsequent amendments).

For further information, interested parties can contact the personnel office from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 4.30pm at the Company's headquarters  – Human Resources Department or by email at

All documentation related to the selection process is available on the Company's website:

The company reserves the right to postpone, cancel, suspend or modify the announcement at any time.

In accordance with the combined provisions under Law No. 241/1990 and subsequent amendments and Law No. 7/2000, the following is indicated:

  • The competent structure: LIGNANO SABBIADORO GESTIONI SpA with legal headquarters located at via Latisana nr.44, 33054 LIGNANO SABBIADORO;
  • Legal representative: The President of LIGNANO SABBIADORO GESTIONI SpA, Mr. Loris Salatin;
  • Person responsible for the recruitment process: Ms. Patrizia Bonafè (0431/724033).