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ASD Thankyouskateboarding is a sporting club based in Lignano Sabbiadoro affiliated with FISR and  recognized by the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee). The guys of Thankyouskateboarding share the passion for  skateboarding and their main goal is to transmit this passion! 

We organize lessons and courses for every level and age, in which our federal instructors can help you  become familiar with the board, learn new tricks and learn the basiscs of street, park and vert disciplines. 

The main event of ASD Thankyouskateboarding was the Mini Ramp Skate Contest, sporting event that took place twice a year, where the best skaters of the territory compete at the mini ramp of the L.Hub Park.  In June 2021 there will be a huge new skatepark in Lignano, where many local and national events will take place. 



-Simone +39   335   656   5940



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+39  335 656 5940


L.Hub Park Centro Giovani - Viale Europa 102 - Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)


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