Lignano Sabbiadoro
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An intense and dynamic sport: even those trying it for the first time will exalt jumping and doing tricks in the water while wakeboarding!

Wakeboarding became popular in the US in the late 80s, and basically combines water skiing with snowboarding. Just like parasailing and stand up paddling, it rapidly spread to Italy and has become one of the staple water sports that can be enjoyed on the beaches of Lignano.

Wakeboarding involves holding onto a sling bar and standing on a board similar a snowboard. The wakeboarder is pulled by a motorboat and uses the boat's wake to do jumps and spectacular tricks.

Although it may seem like a challenging sport when you watch it, everyone can actually wakeboard. There are no age limits: the thrill of gliding on the waves is an experience that everyone should try! Moreover, it's so easy to learn that you can heartily enjoy wakeboarding on your first attempt, as it is easy to quickly improve and become practical with the board and sling bar.

Some beach centres organise wakeboarding in Lignano Sabbiadoro, see which ones on the map below.  


Time required

2 hours

The facilities that offer this experience

Adrenalina Water Fun Experience


7 giorni su 7 dalle 08.00 alle 18.00


Beach establishment no. 2 - Lungomare Trieste, 1 - 33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), Italy
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Anche Domani


Pontile della Pagoda - Via Lungomare Alberto Kechler, 33054 - Lignano Pineta (UD), Italy
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The facilities that offer this experience