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With its jumps and acrobatics, kite surfing is one of the most impressive and exciting water sports to do in Lignano Sabbiadoro!

Kite surfing is a relatively recent water sport, invented in the late 1990s in the windswept waters of Hawaii, and later exported even to the beaches of the upper Adriatic, like the 8 km-long strand in Lignano where kite surfing has become a must-do all year round.

Kite surfing requires special equipment: a board and a kite controlled using a bar.

In Lignano Sabbiadoro, Kite surfing is quickly gaining popularity and there are qualified schools where you can learn the sport with courses for adults and children.

During winter (from October to May), you can kite surf freely right along the length of Lignano Sabbiadoro beach, while in summer it is forbidden near the beach but is possible at the nearby, uninhabited Conchiglie island.

Conchiglie Island is situated just a few hundred metres from the Santa Monica boardwalk (better known for its picturesque Faro Rosso) and offers the beach with the strongest wind in all of Lignano Sabbiadoro, lifting all the Kite Boarders high in the sky.

From April/May to October, aspiring kiters are taken by qualified instructors in a dinghy as far as Conchiglie Island where – taking basic kite surfing courses – they can learn and improve their kite surfing techniques in total freedom and safety.

Conchiglie Island, with its golden sand and shallow waters, is the ideal spot for kite surfing lessons and practise. The sea wind will take you back what is a clear sandy beach perfect for onland exercises and equipment assembly.

Want to know more about kite surfing in ? Read this interview with the Associazione Tiliaventum di Lignano water sports association.


Time required

5 hours

The facilities that offer this experience

Tiliaventum A.S.D.


Via Monte Ortigara, 3M loc. - Marina Punta Faro 33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), Italy
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The facilities that offer this experience