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Between the pages: a walk inside the books of Beatrice Alemagna

This summer, the Library of Lignano Sabbiadoro will host the exhibition "Between the pages: a walk inside the books of Beatrice Alemagna".

She is one of the most prestigious names in the world of children's book illustration, an internationally recognized and award-winning artist, author of over 30 books, many of them published in different countries, translations into 16 languages ​​and exhibitions of her work in Paris, Munich, Stockholm, New York.

It will be an immersive, visual and sensorial scenographic setup, which will retrace the pages of two splendid stories from the production of Beatrice Alemagna: the enchanting "A day of nothing" (among the ten best illustrated children's books of 2017 according to the New York Times and the New York Public Library, awarded the gold medal for original art by the Society of Illustrators of New York and winner of the English Association Book award in 2018) and the beloved “The wonderful Cicciapelliccia”, both published by Topipittori.

Exhibition itinerary from 5 July to 6 September 2023

Municipal Library of Lignano Sabbiadoro Via Treviso, 2 – Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)

Monday to Friday 2.30pm-10pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Free admission

Wednesday 5 July, 6:00pm With the intervention of the arch. Veronica Alemagna, curator of the exhibition

Readings and workshops for children aged 5 to 10 (by reservation):

Friday 14th July, 5.00pm
The wonderful Cicciapelliccia, edited by Veronica Alemagna

Monday 24th July, 5.00pm
A story of nothing, edited by Damatrà

Monday 31 July, 5.00 pm
Fur history, edited by Damatrà



5/7/2023 - 25/9/2023



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