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Festa delle Cape 2024 - 39^ edition

The most awaited event in Lignano Sabbiadoro is the "Festa delle Cape".

Festa delle Cape was in fact born in 1984 from an idea of ​​some professional fishermen, and then carried on by the A.P.S. "Al Mare" of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The Festa delle Cape 2024 will take place in Piazza Marcello d’Olivo in Lignano Pineta, on the lunches and dinners on Saturday and Sunday 2-3 and 9-10 March 2024 from 11.00 am ti 10.00 pm.

The purpose of the event, now a real Lignanese tradition, is to make the fish products of our Adriatic Sea known to residents and tourists (more and more numerous on these festive days), but above all to donate the profits to charity.

In past editions many organizations and associations have received donations, but in recent years the beneficiaries have mainly been Una Mano per Vivere, Ass. Trapiantati Fegato FVG, Caritas Lignano e la Parrocchia, Ass. Lotta Sclerosi Multipla, LILT, Anvolt, Dynamo Camp, Ass. Luca Onlus as well as some Associations of the Lignano area.

On the menu there are the classic traditional dishes such as long hoods (cannolicchi), pevarasse (clams), grilled sardines, pan sardines, sardines in saor, squid and other local specialties.


A ticket dispenser is positioned under the gazebo, at the entrance to the Festa delle Cape: anyone who arrives must take the ticket and wait for their number to be called at the checkouts while in the meantime fill in the menu sheet (present at the same gazebo) with the desired dishes and drinks.

When the number is called at the cashiers, your order is presented, you pay and you receive a number that will subsequently be called from the kitchen stand as soon as your order is ready.

Given the high influx of people at the Festa delle Cape there are queues and very long waits so it is advisable to show up a little earlier than the opening of the kitchens considering that the ticket dispenser is exposed about 15 minutes before opening of the cash register.


The organization of the "Festa delle Cape" reserves the right to suspend orders if the orders are greater than the kitchen can manage for each service, therefore it may happen that the ticket dispenser is withdrawn before the closing time of the checkouts and of the kitchen.

If, after having collected the ticket dispenser and processed all the orders already in progress, the cash desks and kitchen are still operational, you can place your order simply by queuing at the cash desks.



2/3/2024 - 10/3/2024


11.00 am - 10.00 pm

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Ufficio Turismo Comune di Lignano Sabbiadoro
tel. 0431-409108