Lignano Sabbiadoro
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29th Bikerfest International

Lignano Sabbiadoro will be the “Mecca” of Italian custom motorbikes from 1417 May 2015 and will see the pilgrimage of the best Italian bike tuners with a hundred unique and inmissable two-wheeled works of arts.

The attractions just keep on coming with the official Bike Trials where Bike manufacturers will show off their 2015 models, the bike tour organised by Motoclub Morena in collaboration with Terre di Moto (, the large aftermarket and a full entertainment programme (music, shows, demonstrations, races, etc.) that is completely unrivalled throughout Europe. It will then move off-road with Motoclub Sabbiadoro’s Enduro tracks, the Monobikes with their spectacular one-wheel accelerations and the acrobatic Stunt Men on trials, motocross and sport bikes, as well as quads.

Biker Fest International is open to all kinds of bikes, from long forks to touring bikes, even including people who love patterned tyres and, why not, even slick tyres!

It’s not just a celebration, but full of culture and information: thanks to IMF (Italian Motorcycle Federation) experts and representatives, meetings and debates on Road Safety and legality are always front and centre at Biker Fest! For four-wheel biking enthusiasts the most historic of American Car Rallies within Italy is being held once again – the 20th edition of the US Car Reunion.



14/5/2015 - 17/5/2015

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Terre di Moto Srl
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Viale Europa, 33054 - Lignano Pineta (UD)

Near Strabilia Luna Park