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A summer to the rhythm of music and entertainment

18 May 2023 / By Alessandra

Lignano Summer Live Festival

Also this year Lignano Sabbiadoro is confirmed as a tourist resort linked to music and entertainment with large and small events that will take place throughout the season. In the months of July and August big names on the national and international music scene and hilarious comedians will enliven your warm summer nights to make you spend an unforgettable holiday.

At the Beach Arena Village in Sabbiadoro (c/o beach office 7) and Piazza Marcello d'Olivo in Pineta the "Lignano Summer Live Festival" will take place, the series of free concerts and shows organized by Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni spa and the Municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

SThere are eight appointments scheduled for this summer, continue reading and discover them all:

“Ci vuole orecchio” a show in which the singer-songwriter, flautist and comedian Stefano Belisari, aka Elio, sings and recites Enzo Jannacci. The poet as he liked to call himself, was the most eccentric and personal songwriter in the history of Italian song, able to weave seemingly irreconcilable themes and styles: joy and sadness, tragedy and farce, joy and melancholy. A Buster Keaton of the song, born near Lambrate, which will be revisited, reinterpreted and "re-sung" by Elio accompanied by five musicians, his extravagant traveling companions, who will form an unusual and bizarre sound caravan: Alberto Tafuri on the piano, Martino Malacrida on drums, Pietro Martinelli on bass and double bass, Sophia Tomelleri on saxophone, Giulio Tullio on trombone. A playful and profound show inserted in a colorful scenography designed by Giorgio Gallione, because "those who don't laugh are not serious people".

The Morcheeba, a British musical group originally from London whose debut dates back to 1995, with what is considered the historic formation of the group: Skye Edwards (vocals), Paul Godfrey (disc jockey) and Ross Godfrey (guitarist and keyboardist). Established on the English Trip Hop scene at the end of the nineties, their fame has continued and increased over time. Over the course of their 20-year career, they have embraced more than one musical genre using electronica, drawing from pop rock, alternative rock and indie rock. But it was in 2000 that their success expanded worldwide with their song Rome Wasn't Built in a Day, which soon became a hit in several countries. This summer Morcheeba will come to Lignano to present their latest album "Blackest Blue" released in 2021 and the result of deep inner journeys of the artists during the lockdown periods linked to the pandemic.

Phil Palmer Royal Band feat. NUMA with "The Summer Night Concert", a journey that traces contemporary musical history through the life and eyes of Phil Palmer, internationally renowned guitarist, producer and arranger and NUMA, singer-songwriter and producer. From Dire Straits to Eric Clapton, passing through George Michael, Eros Ramazzotti, up to Renato Zero, and many others: "Our Story" tells the artistic and biographical path of Phil Palmer intertwined with musical history of the twentieth and twenty-first century, with live music, videos and anecdotes by the musician on the international rock figures who have contributed to writing his professional history, personal and human.

Oblivion Summer Show, a GMO that ranges between genius and madness, juggling and cabaret, light entertainment and profound insanity. Gli Oblivion is a group composed by Graziana Borciani, Davide Calabrese, Francesca Folloni, Lorenzo Scuda and Fabio Vagnarelli, born in 2003 in Bologna. After their meeting they spend intense years spent in revue theater and musicals, then in 2009 they become very well known to the general public thanks to their YouTube video I Promessi Sposi in 10 minutes, a micro-musical seen and emulated by millions of users. In the following years they had great success with various artistic projects, mash-ups and theatrical performances that led them to be recognized as "the five senses of musical satire, the five continents of parody, the five degrees of separation between Queen and Gianni Morandi". Oblivion plays with music and drama. Warning: attending their shows is a crazy and unrepeatable experience that causes unruly laughter, collective hysteria, but above all endless requests for an encore.

Alessandro Britti, known as Alex, the Roman singer-songwriter and guitarist born in 1968. His passion for the blues and his technical talent allows him to end up on stage with important musicians such as Buddy Miles, Billy Preston and Rosa King and Louisiana Red. But it will be his single "Solo una volta (e tutta la vita)", released in 1998, to pave the way for him to fame and the following year he arrives at the Sanremo Festival winning in the "New Proposals" category with the song Oggi sono io , recorded two years later also by Mina, whose version consecrates the already enormous success of the piece. In 2000 he released his second album, La Vasca: his two singles, Una su 1,000,000 and La vasca, brought him back to the top of the charts. In 2006 the duet with Edoardo Bennato Notte di mezzaestate was born, a collaboration that leads the two artists to travel throughout Italy with a joint tour. In 2013 he attempted admission to the Sanremo Festival with a single sung in pairs with Bianca Atzei, but his candidacy was rejected and it will only be in 2015 that the Roman singer-songwriter will return to tread the stage of the Ariston Theater nine years after his last participation, with “Un momento importante". In recent years he has carried out numerous artistic projects until he released his first entirely instrumental album, MOJO, in 2022.

"Minaccia Bionda", an unmissable show created by Patty Pravo, the great interpreter of the Italian song who with 120 million records sold has influenced generations, upset the rules, explored and experimented in music and style. The artist in full freedom and in the style that distinguishes her, tells herself between music and words, between successes, memories and anecdotes, thanks to video contributions, some of which are unpublished with the skilful narrating voice of Pino Strabioli. From Piper's mythical Roman night, she continues to accompany the public through successes and disappearances, provocations and intense interpretations. In the lineup the songs that have made the history of Italian music, but also the most sought after and experimental ones.

"Music from the big screen" the show interpreted by the soprano Susanna Rigacci, international artist, who for over 20 years was the solo voice of Ennio Morricone, and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Symphony Orchestra conducted by Roberto Fabbriciani, conductor and flautist who played in the most important theaters and with the best orchestras in the world. The program will be divided into three parts and illustrated by Luisella Botteon. The first part is dedicated to the fantastic world of Walt Disney, with famous melodies taken from memorable films signed by the famous film production company. A fantastic journey through iconic characters from the imagination of adults and children. The second part is a medley dedicated to themes drawn from the great historical films from Via col vento to Breakfast at Tiffany's, from The Wizard of Oz to 007. Finally, the third part is dedicated to the great Ennio Morricone, to his musical masterpieces that remain in people's hearts and make many generations dream, including La Califfa, C’era una volta in America, Metti una sera a cena, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso and so on.

“Comedy Night”, an evening of comedy with some of the most famous faces on television. Among the protagonists of this hilarious show are Gianluca Impastato, Fabrizio Fontana aka Captain Ventosa, Leonardo Manera, Alberto Farina and Alessandro Politi. The five comic characters have created an ad hoc show for our locality, reserving us big surprises and big laughs.

So what are you waiting for? This summer come to Lignano Sabbiadoro to have fun and experience unforgettable moments.