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Things to do in Lignano Sabbiadoro at the end of the summer

21 September 2023 / By Caterina

Picnic on the beach

The first advice is to spend a day at the beach. It may seem like an obvious idea, but as soon as you cross the beach entrance you will find a wonderful surprise. The scenario will be totally different compared to the summer months. The last sunumbrellas will be removed soon and you will feel freedom and peace thanks to the sound of the sea , a fresh breeze blowing, a good book... what more could you ask for? And with a towel you can even organize a picnic on the beach!

Walks along the seafront and the lagoon

Thanks to the lower temperatures it is easier to do sports and exercise. September and October are the perfect months to visit Lignano by foot. Choose the route you prefer, wear your sneakers and just go. With a little training, in just one afternoon you could see the entire Lungomare, from the Red Lighthouse of Sabbiadoro to the mouth of the Tagliamento River in Riviera, passing through Lignano Pineta. If you want to see a different view, we recommend the elevated walk of Lungo Laguna Trento, from the dock of Porto Casoni to the Equestrian Club. In this period you can also take a walk through the center and do some shopping!

Bike ride of Lignano and its surroundings

Don't forget that Lignano is perfect for a bike tour. And if you want to take advantage of the beautiful September sunny days and visit the surrounding area, then you should know that the X-River boat across Tagliamento River is active until November 1st. Thanks to this connection you will land on the Venetian bank of the river, from which it will then be possible to visit Bibione and the surrounding areas.

If, however, you want to stay in the area, you can take a tour of the city by bike, to discover all the wonderful views that Lignano has to offer.

Visit Parco Zoo Punta Verde

The last tip is especially for the kids. The Punta Verde Zoo Park in Lignano Sabbiadoro will be open for the entire month of October, so as to allow all animal lovers to pay them one last visit before winter. Lions, monkeys, giraffes, zebras... all you have to do is choose your favorite animal!


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