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Summer 2021 at the zoo of Lignano Sabbiadoro

29 July 2021 / By Valentina

In Lignano Sabbiadoro there is a magical garden in which many animals live and that are looked after with care. This is the Punta Verde Zoo, a dynamic and lively place in which with every visit you can appreciate the many subtle nuances of the animals’ behaviour.

The zoo is a place for everyone. A place which knows how to surprise little ones, but the adults as well.

A standard visit to the zoo usually lasts about two-and-a-half hours but with the right level of curiosity and patience and the visit can take much longer. Furthermore, every visit to the Punta Verde Zoo can be enriched by unique experiences that contribute to the safeguarding of Nature as the whole entry fee goes towards conservation projects of endangered species and environments supported by the Park directly in the places of origin.

Let's discover them all!

The secrets of the zoo


Exclusive and tailor-made, on this guided tour for small groups of friends and family members you can discover the secrets and habits of animals.

For an hour an expert guide will be at your disposal to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the zoo and to answer all your questions.

At the end of the visit you will meet up with one of the zoo keepers to prepare a tasty snack to offer to one of the animals known along the way.

Duration: 1 hour
Number of participants: max 8
Cost: € 10.00 per person (€ 8.00 season ticket holders) + entrance ticket
Minimum age: no limit

Strolling at dusk


A walk at dusk is the best time of the day, when the Zoo returns to being the home of the animals and your chances are greater of seeing charismatic animals such as the snow leopard, the puma, the lynx, the sloth, the red panda and many others.

Accompanied by the Park guides we will visit one of the most evocative areas of the Zoo to discover some of the animals that are masters of the evening, but also ambassadors of distant places that are often threatened by human activities.

When: dates are published from time to time on the website
Duration: about 2 hours
Number of participants: min 8 and max 15
Cost: € 30.00 per person (€ 25.00 for subscribers)
Minimum age: from 5 years old (minors need to be accompanied by an adult)

Close encounters with giraffes


The future of giraffes in Nature is seriously threatened by illegal hunting. You can contribute to their preservation by participating in a close encounter with the giraffes in the Zoo!

Accompanied by an expert guide, a tasty treat will be prepared that will be positioned so that you can observe the animals very closely. You’ll be able to look directly into their huge eyes and observe their long, prehensile tongue capable of grabbing even the smallest pieces of food.

When: Tuesday at 11.30 and Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 15.00
Duration: about 20 minutes
Number of participants: max 3
Cost: € 10.00 per person + entrance ticket
Minimum age: 8 years

Close encounters with lemurs

Parco Zoo Punta Verde

Close encounters with lemurs are an exclusive chance to meet Madagascar's mysterious prosimians, the ring-tailed lemurs.

Accompanied by a park educator you will discover all the secrets of these funny and intelligent animals.

In full respect of the animals, participants will be able to be approached by these magnificent prosimians and it will be an opportunity to observe them from a privileged point of view, thus contributing to their conservation in situ.

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 10.00 and 11.00
Duration: about 30 minutes
Number of participants: max 8
Cost: € 10.00 per person + entrance ticket
Minimum age: 5 years

Close encounters with the giant tortoises of the Seychelles


The unique experiences at the Zoo this year have been added to with a new activity: an encounter with the giant tortoises of the Seychelles.

Together with the expert you will be able to enter the pen of the Zoo's longest-lived animals and help take care of them. This will be an opportunity to prepare a tasty snack for them and find out if the thick shell that protects them is sensitive to our touch. The activity will take place in full respect of the animals and we will be adapting to their rhythms.

When: Tuesday at 10.00 , Tuesday and Thursday at 15.00
Duration: about 30 minutes
Number of participants: max 4
Cost: € 10.00 per person + entrance ticket
Minimum age: 5 years old

Close encounters with the sloth


During this special meeting, participants will be able to discover the environment in which the sloth lives, its habits and characteristics. Food enrichments will be placed and they will allow you to observe the skill and delicacy with which Brady reaches the food.

When: Wednesday h. 12.00 | Tuesday and Thursday h. 16.00
Number of participants: max 2
Cost: € 15,00 per person + entrance ticket
Minimum age: 8 years old

The garden of natural experiences


The "Garden of Natural Experiences" is a special place where small groups of children are accompanied by a Park guide to discover the wonders of nature. Pens, feathers, footprints, bones, eggs, antlers and much more await to be carefully observed, designated and classified by the young naturalists who participate.

These laboratory experiences that take place on spring Sundays are aimed at children aged 5 to 11 accompanied by a parent.

When: Sundays
Number of participants: max 5
Cost: free
Age: 5-11 years old

Keeper talk


Visitors have the opportunity to observe the animals in activity as they interact with different types of stimuli that help them to manifest the typical behaviors of the species.

The guardians of the Zoo will tell some curiosities about the animals they take care of every day and will be available to the public to answer questions and curiosities.

When: every day at the times indicated at the park entrance or on the website
Cost: free

Visit the zoo park website to organise your visit and to book the unique experience that excites you the most!