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Dog-friendly beaches in Lignano

3 August 2020 / By Caterina

By now you all  know that our 4-legged friends are part of the family in all respects and Lignano does not want you to forego sharing your best moments with them as well, or renounce your visit for any reason at all.

Below you will find a list of all the free and pay-to-use beaches where you can sunbathe with your dog. From a Great Dane to a Chihuahua, we are waiting for you!

There are many beaches where animals are allowed and range from the Punta Faro beach to the mouth of the Tagliamento River.

  1. Legambiente’s Free Beach
  2. Doggy Beach
  3. Sunny Pet
  4. Free beach Office 19
  5. Spiaggia di Duke (Lignano Riviera)

Legambiente’s Free Beach

This part of the free beach beyond the Faro Rosso (Red Lighthouse) is managed by Legambiente volunteers who keep the beach clean and help dog owners with all their needs ... have you forgotten a bowl? Don't worry because they will surely be able to lend you one!

Dogs can go into the sea with their owners and ... you'll see some great scenes!

Doggy Beach

doggy beach lignano

The Doggy Beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro is the first pay-to-use beach establishment in Lignano to have equipped itself with the wherewithal to host our pets. The beach itself is near Office 1 on Lungomare Marin and is open from 9.00 until sunset and has all the services that dogs and owners could wish for.

Sunny Pet Ufficio 18 - Sabbiadoro

sunny pet lignano

The Sunny Pet dog beach is located at Office 18 in Lignano Sabbiadoro. With its dog-friendly fenced pitches, umbrellas, deckchairs, mini-showers, bowls and a personalized leash, there is also an agility area to have fun with your four-legged friend and a self-service dog grooming area ... just some of the services that will make your beach holiday with your animal friends on the golden sands of Lignano Sabbiadoro a unique experience!

Free beach Office 19

Where the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro ends, near the Beach Office 19, you will find a section of free beach, where you can freely settle down with your things and your 4-legged friend. It is recommended, however, to bring an umbrella to let your pet shelter from the sun!

Spiaggia di Duke

Finally, Lignano Riviera also has a beach equipped for dogs. At Spiaggia di Duke you’ll find well-spaced umbrellas and large fenced areas with sunbeds and deckchairs, a dog bed of the right size, bowls, showers for them, an agility area and self-service grooming facilities while access to the sea for dogs is without time or duration limits. Access to the beach is via the pedestrian bridge at Bagno 6, next to the entrance of Camping Pino Mare (Lungomare Riccardo Riva, 15).

Choose the one closest to you and remember that in Lignano we are ready to welcome both you and your dog. In addition to the beaches, there are ever more accommodation facilities that allow you to stay with your dog!