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Kitesurfing in Lignano Sabbiadoro, adrenaline in the waves

28 September 2018 / By Valentina

Bora, the cool wind that blows fiercely from East, that brushes the waves and ruffles the hair, is really appreciated by kitesurf lovers. Kitesurfing is a sport that along Lignano Sabbiadoro seahore has become very popular. 

In the windy days when the boats stay safe in the harbour and the beach is almost desert, but even when the breeze is gentle and it blows up the sails, the sky dots of colorful kites and of kiters searching for adrenaline between the waves and the wind gusts. 

kitesurfing in Lignano - Credits Francesco Leggio

We asked Daniele Passoni, President of Tiliaventum, sport association in Lignano that deals with water sports, to tell us something more about this discipline.

What's kitesurfing? Tell us something about this water sport.

Kitesurfing is a beautiful sport: you play it open air, in contact with wind and sea. It gives you unique emotions and sensations using simple, comfortable and easy-to-use equipment.

The emotion to feel free by the sea, to jump above the vawes, to twirl in the air and meet friends both in land and sea all year round, in summer or winter. This is what makes this sport unique and really gratifying.

kitesurfing in Lignano - Credits Francesco Leggio

Is kitesurfing suitable for all?

People of all ages can practice kitesurfing, from young to elderly people. Differently from what people may think, it is not necessary to be robust to go kitesurfing and it is quite easy to learn the basics, moreover - as it always happens -  with training and commitment it is possible to gain confidence in order to face always more challenging wather and sea conditions. 

Where and when can people go kitesurfing in Lignano Sabbiadoro?

Lignano Sabbiadoro is a seaside city with sandy beach, this means that is easy to reach the sea from the seashore, moreover Lignano is really suitable for kitesurfing because it is perfectly exposed to dominant winds (i.e. Bora, Scirocco and sea breeze). This make sure that it is possible to go kitesurfing in Lignano in different ways all year round.

kitesurfing in Lignano - Credits Francesco Leggio

During the summer (usually from 1st May to 30th September) kitesurfers must reach with a boat Conchiglie Island nearby. This is a service that Tiliaventum association regularly carries out for the kiters, usually in the afternoon when the sea breeze increases and the sea and weather conditions are best to practice kitesurfing.

In the cooler period, after the end of the summer season, it is possible to go kitesurfing in Lignano directly from the seashore. From October to April the members of Tiliaventum association meet at the beach office n. 19 in Sabbiadoro where it is possible to use water to wash the equipment and a changing room is available.

Can you give some information to those willing to approach this water sport? 

For those willing to learn kitesurfing in Lignano Tiliaventum association organizes courses, excursions, equipment tests, trips to other kitesurfing spots in Italy and abroad all year round, both for young people (over 12 years old) and adults.