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FVG in movimento: 10,000 healthy steps also in Lignano

13 February 2024 / By Valentina

According to the WHO, the World Health Organization, there are 10,000 steps which, if taken daily, contribute to improving the physical health and general well-being, including psychological, of people, helping to prevent many cardiological and pulmonary diseases but also overweight, obesity and diabetes.

Therefore a simple activity that does not require particular athletic preparation: walking is easy and accessible to everyone, it can be practiced outdoors, anywhere and with great freedom of times and places, even more pleasant in the summer, but not only.

It is in this spirit that the “FVG in movimento: 10,000 healthy steps” project was born, promoted and supported by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with the coordination of the Central Health Directorate, created by Federsanità ANCI FVG, in collaboration with the Department of Economic Sciences and Statistics of the University of Udine and  Promoturismo FVG.

91 Municipalities throughout the region participated in the project and mapped and promoted a total of 82 pedestrian/or predominantly pedestrian and "inclusive for all" routes.

Among these also the Municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro which contributed to the initiative with 5 routes, here they are:

nei colori del tramonto

1. Lignano - I colori del tramonto

The itinerary runs alongside the Marano lagoon, a protected route along a raised cycle/pedestrian path which offers splendid views of the tranquility of the lagoon and its inhabitants, in particular the aquatic birds that populate it, from egrets to swans.

If traveled at sunset the sky can give you fiery colors and magical reflections on the water.

Length: 4km

Duration: 1h 15 min

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lungo l'acqua dolce

2. Lignano - Lungo l'acqua dolce

A route that follows the course of the Tagliamento River between the water pump next to the Marina Uno shipyards in Lignano Riviera and the Bevazzana Canal.

The journey into nature allows you to discover the last part of the "King of Alpine rivers" which precisely in this stretch completes its journey to flow into the Adriatic Sea mixing the fresh waters coming from the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia with the salty waters of its sea .

Length: 4km

Duration: 1h 15 min

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profumo di resina

3. Lignano - Nel profumo di resina

An immersion among the maritime pines that characterize Lignano Sabbiadoro and make it so green, inebriated by their characteristic scent and, on the hottest days, by the chirping of the cicadas.

The itinerary crosses the cycle/pedestrian path of Villaggio Bella Italia, skirting the beach where the old sand dunes are still intact. The route then continues to Lignano Pineta up to the Riviera spa: always protected by the shadows of the pine trees, the journey also leads to discovering the art with the architecture of the prestigious villas surrounded by greenery or the works of the Parco del Mare.

Length: 4km

Duration: 1h 15 min

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via dell'alba

4. Lignano - La via dell'alba

An itinerary that follows the rising sun starting from the easternmost side of the Lignano peninsula and continuing for the entire extension of the Sabbiadoro beach up to the beach office 19.

Along this route you can encounter some of the most iconic places in the town, from the Villa Zuzzi to the Il Gabbiano factory where the crime writer Scerbanenco went to write his works.

Length: 2.9 km

Duration: 45 min

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cammino del pensiero

5. Lignano - Il cammino del pensiero

In the heart of Lignano Riviera, among its short dead-end streets designed to maintain the silence and privacy of the elegant holiday homes, lies the path of thought.

A hidden path among the pines and private hedges, of true well-being and silence, is articulated through the "Calli" dedicated to figures of art, music and literature of all times. Every now and then one comes across, in the greenery, some "thoughts" and aphorisms that provoke reflection on the human adventure and bring us back to the character to whom the Calle is dedicated.

Length: 4.2 km

Duration: 1h 30min

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Discover all the routes of the project “FVG in movimento: 10,000 healthy steps” available in the region.