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Easy Fish - the 6th edition: discover the complete program!

19 August 2022 / By Alessandra

After two years of stop, from 2nd to 4th September returns Easy Fish - the Nord Adriatic Fish Festival in Lignano Sabbiadoro. Three days entirely dedicated to Friulian tradition and gastronomy and quality fish await you.

The sixth edition was conceived as a combination of tradition and innovation!

In fact, also this year, in the square in front of the Terrazza a Mare, will be held the traditional show cooking, presented and conducted by Fabrizio Nonis, with special guests who will show us their most hidden tricks in the kitchen. But there is something new! There are two appointments for each day of the Festival: at 7.00 pm will perform the Chefs of the Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Friuli Venezia Giulia who will present some of the recipes proposed in the gourmet area and at 8.00 pm TV celebrities linked to the world of food & beverage will take the stage.

The guests of this edition are:

2nd september 2022


7.00 pm - Piergiorgio Siviero from the Lazzaro 1915 restaurant

Quality, research, technology: essential elements in the cuisine of Piergiorgio Siviero who expresses his cooking philosophy in the centenary family restaurant. After several experiences in contact with international cuisine, he immerses himself in a gastronomic adventure focused on the deep knowledge of raw materials, seasonality, honesty and product recognition. In 2012 he received his first Michelin star, while in 2021 he earned the GREEN Michelin star, an award that rewards restaurants at the forefront of sustainability.


8.00 pm – Bruno Vanzan and Roberto Valbuzzi

Bruno Vanzan

He began his career at 18, with the dream of becoming one of the strongest bartenders in the world. In 2006 and 2008 he became Bacardi and Martini World Champion, in 2010 he was included in the TOP10 bartenders in the world and in 2015 he became vice world champion WFA, the largest flair bartender association in the world.

Roberto Valbuzzi

Roberto considers himself a "child of art" since his parents are the managers of a historic restaurant in Varese, and it is from his parents and grandparents that Roberto has learned to appreciate the cuisine and flavors typical of Northern Italy. From a very young age Roberto collaborated in various television programs and in 2018 he began his collaboration with REAL TIME becoming one of the 3 judges of "Courtesy for guests", a very famous format followed by the public, which is still recorded today.

3rd september 2022


7.00 pm – Matteo Susan of the La Pigna Restaurant in Lignano Sabbiadoro

The cuisine of the La Pigna Restaurant is closely linked to the culinary traditions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, but at the same time always wishes to propose new fish and meat dishes, thus revisiting traditions with imagination and creativity.


8.00 pm – Francesco Aquila, winner of Masterchef 10

Francesco Aquila is the winner of the tenth edition of Masterchef, the very famous talent show dedicated to aspiring chefs. His passion for cooking was born at an early age, almost out of need: Francesco's parents are two restaurateurs who have passed on to their son the passion for cooking, in fact from a very young age the chef starts cooking up to transform his passion into a real job.

4th september 2022


7.00 pm – Alessandro Businaro of the Da Boschet Restaurant

The da Boschet restaurant, enclosed in the atmosphere of a small ancient village, offers refined cuisine with delicate flavors that aims to excite. The young and dynamic staff is led by Chef Alessandro Businaro who can already boast many awards, such as the 2 Hats of the L’Espresso guides and 1 Forchetta del Gambero Rosso in 2022.


8.00 pm – Hirohiko Shoda aka Chef Hiro

Hirohiko Shoda, known as Chef Hiro, is of Japanese origin but he has studied Italian cuisine since he was a teenager. After his studies from 19 to 29 he worked in Japan in the haute Italian cuisine as head chef of many clubs. In 2006 he moved to Italy where he worked for 8 years with chef Alajmo de Le Calandre of Padua, a three-star Michelin restaurant. Since 2014 Hiro has been recognized as a television and radio personality, author of books, lecturer and author of the Master Japan, a specialized course in authentic Japanese cuisine.

In addition, there will also be two areas dedicated to gourmet tastings and street food for lovers of quality fish and the Friulian culinary tradition.


6.00 pm - 10.00 pm – Gourmet tasting area opening

In the square of Terrazza a Mare, local restaurateurs belonging to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Wine and Flavors Route and the guest Chefs will offer tastings of four-handed recipes that will be paired with fine Friulian wines. It will be possible to buy a booklet on site that includes tastings of 5 recipes and 4 Friulian wines.

Below are the names of the guest restaurants and the recipes they propose:

La Barcaneta


Fish and shrimp sausage with sweet and sour purple cabbage
Paired with: Friulano - Villa Russiz


Tomato gazpacho with lagoon heart, cockles, clams and mussels
Paired with: Rosé Nature Metodo Classico Pas Dosé Millesimato - Rodaro Paolo Winery

Al Cason


Sea bass roulade with musetto and scampi in clam water
Paired with: Rjgialla – La Tunella


Saffron risotto with eel gremolada
Paired with: Sauvignon – Gradis’ciutta

La Pigna


Raw scallop with cod milk and sea lettuce
Paired with: Malvasia - Gradis’ciutta


Watermelon in sea water, shrimp glaze, ham and hazelnut
Paired with: Picolit - Sara & Sara

Da Boschet


Porchetta Eel
Paired with: Biancosesto - La Tunella


Cod with Cavasso onion, horseradish and Asperum Midolini vinegar
Paired with: Grafin de là Tour - Villa Russiz


Food and wine stands opening:

  • On Friday 6.00 pm - 12.00 am 
  • On Saturday and Sunday 12.00 pm - 12.00 am

Street food awaits you on the Lungomare Trieste with food and wine proposals linked to fish and regional products: from the most traditional frittolino of the lagoon to the most fashionable sushi and then a corner of Carnia with cjarsons, frico and polenta!

On 2nd, 3rd, 4th September, all you have to do is come to Lignano Sabbiadoro to spend three days in the name of good food and quality fish to take a journey into taste!