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From 2019 Lignano beach will be plastic free!

12 April 2019 / By Valentina

In Lignano Sabbiadoro Summer 2019 will be the first "Plastic Free". A project driven by the beach concessionaires that will suppress the use of disposable plastic in all the beach offices in Sabbiadoro, Pineta and Riviera. 

It's a venture promoted by Consorzio SpiaggiaViva Cuore di Lignano that gathers together the tourist operators of the beach and that has been joined by all the bars and restaurant of the seashore.

The overproduction of waste, in particular plastic which, if not properly collected and recycled, flows into our seas and oceans with enormous polluting effects, is a current problem. Nowadays people require concrete actions and mobilize themselves to reduce the use of polluting materials, even before the adoption by the administrations and governments of laws and rules on the subject. 

For this reason also Lignano Sabbiadoro tourist operators E' così che anche gli operatori turistici di Lignano Sabbiadoro hanno felt the strong need to put in place concrete actions to reduce the use of disposable plastics on the sandy shore and personally preserve their sea by anticipating the EU directive that prohibits single-use plastic.

From 27 April, the date on which Lignano Sabbiadoro bathing season will officially open, glasses, plates and cutlery made of disposable plastics will disappear from the beach and will be replaced by products made of Mater Bio a biopolymer derived from completely biodegradable vegetable starch and cellulose pulp, obtained from the residual fibers of the processing of some plants, in particular sugar cane; 100% natural and resistant to temperature from 80° to 200 °, therefore usable in microwaves and traditional ovens.

In addition to the elimination of disposable plastics in kiosks and beach bars there will be a strong commitment by tourist operators to raise awareness among all guests.
There will be signs illustrating the initiative and how to properly dispose of waste. The project will continue with an information campaign also aimed at children, which will involve the National Institute of Oceonography and Experimental Geophysics of Trieste, the Marevivo association, which already collaborates with the beach of Lignano through the SIB (Sindacato Italiano Balneari Regionale), in the campaign against cigarette butts and the Department of Economics and Statistical Sciences of the University of Udine.

We will have to wait some more time to also eliminate plastic bottles for water and soft drinks: the manufacturers are at work to find a substitute product for the plastic as the administration of drinks for glass takeaway is prohibited on the beach by the Gabrielli directive.