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#ColoriAMOlignano (let's paint Lignano) all together!

19 March 2020 / By Valentina

You miss the summer and you miss Lignano Sabbiadoro, we understood it from the many videos and photos of your holidays spent in our resort that you share with us on social media every day.

And Lignano Sabbiadoro misses you too. 

We would like to see the beachfront crowded with people walking and children playing with sand. But it is essential to respect the rules and stay at home in this period, so that the time to return to live and animate our beach safely can arrive as soon as possible. 

Everything will be fine, but in the meantime we want to do something to feel closer to you, while staying at home.

We invite all children who love Lignano (and adults who feel like children inside) to send us a drawing that represents the most beautiful moment of their holiday in Lignano Sabbiadoro using the hashtag #coloriAMOlignano.

Any example?

  • under the beach umbrella with mom and dad
  • on the little train with grandma
  • eating pizza in your favorite restaurant
  • about that day at the zoo
  • by bike in the pinewood


We want to create an album containing colorful and cheerful designs and magical memories, which will help us bring Summer closer


How does it work?

The drawings must be photographed and published on Facebook or Instagram by tagging our Lignano Sabbiadoro Beach (Facebook) or @lignanosabbiadoroofficial (Instagram) accounts. Alternatively, you can always send them via private message to the mentioned accounts or by e-mail to

Don't forget to always insert the hashtag #coloriAMOlignano.

Now it's your turn!

Moms, dads, uncles, grandparents, babysitters ... we are counting on you to involve the children in this simple initiative while waiting to see you again very soon.

Spread the word to your home neighbors (even to your beach umbrella neighbors), to your friends on Facebook and help us color Lignano!

#Lignanononsiferma #andràtuttobene