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Fiorella Mannoia turns on the Beach Arena during her "Personale Tour"

8 August 2019 / By Alessia

The audience that welcomed the Roman artist with his “Personale Tour” responded with warmth and enthusiasm throughout the duration of the concert. The show proposed by Fiorella Mannoia was a succession of songs and stories by the artist, who alternated for 2 hours her greatest hits with more recent songs, contained in her last CD entitled "Personale".

Among the most famous pieces sang by the artist there are: "Sally", "Quello che le donne non dicono", "Come si cambia" and "Che sia benedetta”. With this last song Fiorella Mannoia was ranked second at the Sanremo’s Festival in 2016. The performances of these songs were among the most engaging, with the audience of the Beach Arena actively and emotionally involved.

In conclusion, the show proposed by Fiorella Mannoia has certainly left many emotions and memories in the audience.