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Guidelines for beach umbrellas reselling service

Below you will find the rules on the use of our rental beach equipment reselling service

Guidelines for beach umbrellas reselling service

For seasonal customers or customers with a season ticket lasting at least 30 consecutive days, Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni SPA offers the possibility to resell the rented beach umbrella on the days when they do not plan to use it. If the beach umbrella is purchased by another user, said customers will gain one or more vouchers to be used for beach umbrella rental in the following season.

Users who benefit from discounts on purchases (including, but not limited to, disabled people, law enforcement officers, and employees) cannot access the services and, therefore, cannot benefit from the reselling advantages

For clarity we will define the following:

  • Reselling or Reselling Procedure - sale of a beach umbrella, rented in one of the beach offices pertaining to Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni, so that it can be rented and used by another user on days when the initial user does not plan to use it
  • Reselling user –seasonal customer or customer with a season ticket lasting at least 30 consecutive days who decides to use the reselling service through the designated reserved area of the website
  • Standard user –user, potential customer, who wishes to rent a beach place in one of the offices pertaining to Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni either through the website or by contacting the beach office directly
  • Virtual Wallet – section of the reserved area where the reselling user can find the credited amounts deriving from the sale of the beach umbrella made available to standard users through the reselling procedure

The user interested in making their beach umbrella available for one or more days (if their season ticket falls within the above characteristics, i.e. minimum duration of 30 consecutive days) can access their reserved area on the Lignano Sabbiadoro website ( where they will find the section dedicated to reselling. The reselling procedure, meaning the sale of your beach umbrella through the website (BOOK BEACH UMBRELLA section), can only be accessed by logging into your reserved area on the website.

The beach umbrellas available for reselling will be offered for sale by Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni on its website and through the beach offices at a rate higher than the standard daily rate (daily price increased by 20%). Moreover, the weekly or fortnightly discounts in the basic price list will not be applied to the beach umbrellas sold by reselling.

On the online beach umbrella booking system, standard users will find the beach umbrellas sold by reselling highlighted in a different colour from the standard colour (green=free, red=sold).

If reselling availabilities are sold, it is not possible for the reselling user who made them available to claim any more rights to use their beach place during such day(s). As long as the beach umbrella is in reselling, but still available for sale online (not purchased by a standard user), the reselling user can cancel the availability at any time and reappropriate it through their reserved area.

If, and only if, the beach umbrella being resold is purchased by a standard user, the system will automatically credit 50% of the daily base price indicated in the current price list to the reselling user's virtual wallet. This virtual wallet can always be browsed from the user's reserved area on the website

The amount in the wallet can be used either for reservations through the website or for reservations at the help desks of Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni beach offices, exclusively for the purchase of beach umbrellas reservations, not additional services such as additional beach equipment. The amount of the wallet can be used for the final payment, not for the payment of any deposits. The amount earned can be spent on reservations for the following season, not for the current one.

The amount stored in the virtual wallet will have a limited duration, set at the end of the next beach season. If not used within the established time frame, this value will be lost.

The reselling user will be automatically notified on their devices (email/smartphone according to the privacy authorizations issued upon activating their reserved area) containing timely and immediate information on any purchases of the beach umbrella placed for reselling.