In Lignano Pineta holidays merge harmoniously with the environment and culture, sport and fitness, food, wine and fun!

Lignano Pineta, famous for its spiral-shaped layout nestled amongst nature, has been able to maintain a truly exclusive atmosphere.

Its long beach, which bustles with activity from the earliest hours of the morning, offers many opportunities for coming together and having fun – a windsurfing or swimming course, a trip in a canoe or paddle boat, as well as children’s entertainment, water aerobic lessons and group dances.

The seaside pier with the “La Pagoda” bar awaits you for a stroll by the sea, for you to experience the excitement of Parasailing or to have fun playing water games.

On the 16 August, fireworks are fired from the pier and motor barge as part of the unrivalled pyrotechnic show - “The Fire on the Sea”.

Of the nine beach establishments in Lignano Pineta, which are equipped with bars and cutting-edge services, seven are connected to one another by a picturesque raised walkway, with a panoramic view of Lignano Pineta beach and the sea.

The centre of the Pineta spreads along the “train”, which crosses the green spiral and is the perfect place for shopping or meeting people in the iconic bars and clubs that make up Lignano nightlife, such as the Tenda bar, a historical meeting place for all young people on holiday. After a day spent on the beach, be sure not to miss the musical aperitifs and the live music that awaits you in the bars on the beach and in the centre.

In Piazza Marcello d'Olivo, under a sky strung with stars, just a short distance for the sea, get involved with the Beach & Fun Equipe entertainers. Every summer evening, from 9.30 pm, there is the unmissable baby dance for the littlest ones, followed by cabaret, musicals and dances for people of all ages. During these evenings, entertainment and shows alternate with live concerts and sports events.

La Pagoda di Lignano Pineta © Da Re Antonio