Terms of online sale


To avoid arguments and frustration, prior to making the booking we advise you to pay attention to the period, the name of the beach establishment and the type of service you want.

The choices you make shall be displayed before payment is made, and sent to you by e-mail to the address entered while making the booking.



From Monday to Thursday: one day minimum booking

For bookings that include Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday you have to book a minimum of 5 days.

Week in progress

For bookings that include Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday you have to book a minimum of:

  • 5 days if you book on Monday or Tuesday
  • 4 days if you book on Wednesday
  • 3 days if you book on Thursday
  • 2 days if you book on Friday
  • 1 day if you book on Saturday or Sunday

* The rules above do not apply to standard beach umbrellas from row eleven on or to white beach umbrellas from row nine on.


It is not possible to cancel or change the booking once it has been made.
Amounts paid shall not be refunded, not even if the booking was not used due to bad weather, high tides, heavy seas, natural disasters, etc.



No discounts can be given on online bookings for people with disabilities or to coupon holders. To obtain the above discounts it is necessary to book directly at the concerned beach office and show the necessary proof or coupon.


Standard beach umbrella areas are equipped with 1 beach umbrella and 2 sun loungers or 1 beach umbrella, 1 sun lounger and 1 decker chair.

White beach umbrella areas consist of 1 bigger beach umbrella and 2 sun loungers.

VIP areas (beach offices 5 and 10) are made up of 1 gazebo, 3 sun loungers, 2 armchairs and 1 table.

No additions can be made by online booking. Instead, additional furnishings can be requested at the concerned beach office the day you arrive, depending on availability with a limit of 1 additional piece of furnishing per beach lot.


The system allows for paying by Visa, Mastercard or Maestro credit card; it is quick and safe and enables you to place your order in real time at no extra charge.

Bookings for amounts less than €50.00 shall be paid in full online when the booking is made. For bookings for amounts between €50.00 and €250.00, you can choose to pay the whole amount or make a deposit of €50.00. For bookings amounting to over €250.00 online payment of a deposit of 20% of the total is required. 

On the day of arrival the balance of the booking must be paid at the beach office of the beach lot booked. Customers of beach office No. 1 ter must go to beach office No. 4. If the balance is not paid, beach equipment shall be considered booked for the number of days equal to the sum paid as deposit. After that time it shall be considered free and the customer can no longer use it. 


Once the booking has been paid in full, the customer can go straight to the beach lot booked without having to pass through the ticket office of the beach office. At any rate we advise you to go to the lifeguard so someone accompanies you to your beach umbrella.
The system sends you a receipt of payment by e-mail with all details of the booking.
To be able to use your beach umbrella or gazebo you have to arrive on the beach with the invoice and show it to the lifeguard if he is making checks.