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Regulations VIP areas 5 and 10

Customers of the VIP areas located at the establishments 5 and 10 of Sabbiadoro can access the hot tubs located in the area.
Read the rules for using the hot tubs.

1. The use of hot tubs is a service provided for free by Lignano Sabbiadoro Gestioni SpA to customers who book a gazebo in the VIP areas at the beach offices 5 and 10 of Sabbiadoro.

2. The area has the following daily opening hours: 10.00 am - 01.00 pm and 02.00 - 06.00 pm, approximately from June to August.

3. Access to the area may be suspended or prohibited for reasons related to climatic conditions, maintenance or for indisputable needs of the management.

4. Access to the hot tubs is only allowed to people wearing the special bracelet provided to customers of the gazebos.

5. The bracelets are delivered by the pool supervisors following the presentation of the booking receipt.

6. Each gazebo is entitled to a maximum of 6 bracelets

7. Access to children under the age of 10 is not permitted

8. It will be possible to check the gazebo's booking document on a sample basis, it is therefore advisable to keep it for the entire duration of your stay.


a. Before accessing the tubs, it is mandatory to carefully wash your feet from the sand in the special foot washer in order to avoid clogging of the tub drains.

b. The residence time is indicated by the surveillance staff and in any case it cannot exceed 20 minutes.

c. In the event of large numbers of visitors to the area, guests are asked not to stay long inside the pools in order to allow everyone access.

d. It is forbidden to bring: food and drinks, inflatable games (mats, rafts, balls, and games in general), animals.

e. Smoking is prohibited inside the area

f. It is forbidden to dive