1 - DUTCH FLAG Beach Establishment

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Close to Parco al Mare, with keep fit trails and pedestrian paths, benches, flower boxes and much more, 1 - Dutch Flag beach establishment is characterised by two areas set-up with different spaces and material: the "elite" area and the "light" area, with convenient brick cabins and a new bowling green.

There is entertainment and educational courses offered by the Divertitom staff for you children during the week!

The cafe above the showers and bathrooms will amaze you with its panoramic terrace and with the raised walkway that leads to the Kursall on one side and the 2 - German Flag beach establishment on the other.

You can get to the raised walkway via the lift.

Connect to Pineta Beach Radio via the web or with the free app and you will always stay up to date on events, happenings and you can listen to your favourite music too!

Wi-Fi is free and available throughout the whole beach!

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Everyday from May to September


Sommer: +39 0431422719




Winter: +39 0431 422143


Lungomare Kechler - 33054 Lignano Pineta (UD), Italy