The memory of all the dips in the sea and the laughter from your holiday can continue at home with the photos snapped on the paddle boat!

This year a wave of new happenings and ideas have arrived to the shores of beach establishment n°6 in Lignano Pineta.

Thanks to the invention of the “Photo Boat”, a professional camera attached to the top of a paddle boat that automatically takes photos every ten seconds during trips into the sea - always full of dips and laughter – you can take a memory from your seaside holiday home with you.

Don’t miss out on the chance to print your photos or to put them on a DVD!

The “pirate” paddle boat is also available in black for little boys and pink for little girls, complete with the skull and cross bones flag and a trampoline.


Time required

1 ora


from €10

Strutture che offrono l'esperienza

6 - FRENCH FLAG Beach Establishment


Everyday from May to September


Sommer: +39 0431 422188



Winter: +39 0431 422143


Lungomare Kechler - 33054 Lignano Pineta (UD), Italy


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